The Sahl Hasheesh Rises to Prominence in the Egypt Property Market

The past ten years have been witness to considerable changes throughout Egypt, as the burgeoning tourist industry throughout the Red Sea region brought about new developments on an unprecedented scale. Whilst many of these developments are designed to cater for the mass market demand, a select number have sought to create something entirely more aspirational in their focus. The Sahl Hasheesh has been designed to provide the most desirable residential locations in the Red Sea region, a place of unparalleled beauty, where inspirational design has led to some of the most stunning property developments to be found anywhere on the Red Sea.Following on from the increasing early success of established resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, the Sahl Hasheesh was designed as a purpose built resort, offering residents and visitors a wide choice of leisure, retail and sporting activities day and night. As such, people visiting the Sahl Hasheesh can browse through the boutique shops and cafes of the quaint Old Town region in the morning, before sampling the crystal clear blue waters of the legendary Red Sea on an afternoons scuba diving trip. For golf fans, there are a number of excellent golf courses to be found throughout the Sahl Hasheesh, allowing residents to lower their handicaps gradually, whilst enjoying the stunning surroundings of this beautiful development.An integral part of the growth of the resort has been the introduction of a number of luxurious new developments, and today the demand for property in the Sahl Hasheesh is increasing consistently, as the resort slowly begins to realise its full potential as one of the Red Sea’s leading tourist destinations. The emphasis on quality is to be found throughout the Sahl Hasheesh, from the stunning architecture, to the superb built quality. The focus on attention to detail is consistent throughout, and subsequently it is entirely understandable why the property developments which have launched to date have proven so commercially successful.The latest development to have launched is the stunning new Dream Heaven Resort, were residents can choose from a wide range of properties including studios and apartments through to luxurious villas. Designed for completion in the early months of 2013, by the property in the Dream Heaven Resort is likely to have benefited from considerable appreciation in value by the time they are handed over in just over two years time.It is fair to say, that from the moment you pass through the imposing security gates to the resort, it’s apparent that this is no ordinary resort. In the same vein, it would be safe to assume that the Sahl Hasheesh will take its place amongst the leading tourist destinations in Egypt in the years to come.

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